Product Details

* Serial and frequent use gives the best performance.
* Radiants used in long-lasting.
* Quality gas valves.
* Safety valve system automatically cuts off the gas.
* 3 and 4 as 2 burners model.
* ROBAX glazed ceramic models are available.
* Durable bearing system moves back and forth with the cooking box.
* Doners have oil collector.
* Bottom engine is provided with a uniform cooking.

Options: 3 Radians (Gas), 4 Radians (Gas)
Catalog No: D05(a), D06(a), D07(a), D08(a), D05(c), D06(c), D07(c), D08(c)


Doner Factory


doner factory

We can set-up Doner Kebab Factory Capacity depends on your wish

Training DVD 249€


How to make kebab

How To Make Real Turkish Doner Kebab ? Beef – Lamb – Mince - Chicken