German Doner Kebab

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Turkish Doner Kebab and German Doner Kebab

What is the difference between German (European) Doner Kebab and Turkish Doner Kebab?

The ready frozen Doner Kebab factory's in Germany-England are using only import frozen meat from Latin America or from other countrys, in this case production is cheaper (The fresh meat is double expensive) and containing secret mixtures and additives.

In Turkey we use only fresh meat and also mixing the red meat (beef) with lamb tail fat.

The Turkish people dont like many sauces inside the Doner kebab. We prefer to feel the meat taste as first but the European people prefer to feel the sauces taste as first.

Kebab chefs from 'Girosketering' are able to make every kinde of Kebab taste like in Germany - England.

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doner factory

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How to make kebab

How To Make Real Turkish Doner Kebab ? Beef – Lamb – Mince - Chicken