Doner Kebab Shop Set-up

The history of most popular and rich assortment of Turkish Doner kebab had the start in 1800 year. The name of the Ottoman timely Doner kebab is ‘Shawarma’. Shawarma can be known also as ‘Kavura-Cevirme’ or in Greek ‘Gyros (Gyro)’.


Turkish immigrants in Germany prefer to put some kind of sauce which gives Doner Kebab special flavor.

starting-a-shawarma-businessPeople liked Turkish Kebab’s wonderful taste and it became very popular. Thats why kebab shops has increased rapidly in the numbers. Fast food shops of Doner Kebab have huge demand. Doner Kebab’s turnover in Europe is about  40 billions euro a year. Doner kebab is available with factory opening and has been provided with frozen doner.

First countries which has opened Doner Kebab factories are Turkey, Germany  and United Kingdom. Soon it will be open in KUWAİT ready frozen Doner Kebab factyory is well.

Company ‘Girosketering’ setup Worldwide in many countries Kebab Restaurants – Kebab fast food shops – Ready doner kebab production factories and also provide Turkish Kebab chef’s for work ore training for their clients.

Starting a shawarma business

Starting a kebab shop? We are offering every solution for your Turkish Kebab shop – Shawarma shop – German Doner Kebab shop:

  • Kebab shop setup
  • Shawarma shop setup
  • German flavor Kebab
  • Secret Kebab sauces
  • Buying Shawarma machine , Kebab machine
  • Shawarma shop equipments – Turkish kebab shop equipment

Professional Turkish Kebab and Breads Chef Traning in your Homeland or in TURKEY, DVD training set (60min. video). Contact us for more information.

Doner Factory


doner factory

We can set-up Doner Kebab Factory Capacity depends on your wish

Training DVD 249€


How to make kebab

How To Make Real Turkish Doner Kebab ? Beef – Lamb – Mince - Chicken